The Rite of Pan

Evocation of Pan by Tom Williams

This Wiccan-style evocation from the Internet Book of Shadows appears in the Rite of Handfasting by Tom Williams.

Oh horned one, goat-foot,

Great God Pan!

Come to me with eyes of fire,

And with thy pipes awake desire,

Come with wild and lustful grin,

Herald of your flame within,

    Io Pan! Io Pan!

    Io Pan, Pan, Pan!

Shout to me from scented wood,

The call of all that's wild and good,

Come to me with shaggy thighs,

And let the hills return our cries,

Come with satyrs bearing wine,

I am thine and thou art mine!

Come with joyous lusty laugh,

Come with swollen ruddy staff,

Race with me thorugh halls of green,

Thou art my God and I your Queen,

And spend with me a tender hour,

Making love within my bower,

    To me! To me!

    Oh come to me!

And come oh God of stream and wood,

Oh God of life and all that's good,

Never sated in eons of time,

I am thine and thou art mine!


Pan and Syrinx

by Jean-François de Troy

Syrinx was a nymph who resisted Pan’s advances.  She fled to a river and asked for assistance from the water nymphs.  They transformed her into hollow water reeds that Pan cut to make the first set of pan pipes.