The Rite of Pan

Invocation to Pan by Dion Fortune

This invocation appears in the book ‘The Goat-Foot God’, written in 1936 by the notable occultist and author Dion Fortune.

I am she who e'er the earth was formed rose from the sea
O first begotten love come unto me
And let the worlds be formed of me and thee

Giver of vine and wine and ecstasy,
God of the garden, shepherd of the lea -
Bringer of fear who maketh men to flee,
I am thy priestess answer unto me!

Although I receive thy gifts thou bringest me -
Life and more life in fullest ecstasy.
I am the moon the moon that draweth thee.
I am the waiting earth that needeth thee.
Come unto me great Pan, come unto me!


Pan and Psyche

Statue by Reinhold Begas (1831-1911)

Currently at the Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin.