The Rite of Pan

Poetry, Song & Story

A collection of poems, songs and stories dedicated to the Goat-foot God.

By Pan the rites of true societe,

From his loud Musicke, all your manners wraught

And made your Common-weath a harmonie,

Commending so to all posteritie

Your innocence from that faire Fount of light

Pan’s Anniversarie by Ben Johnson (1620)

Hymn of Pan - Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Piper at The Gates of Dawn - Kenneth Grahame

The Return of Pan - The Waterboys

Pan: Double Villanelle - Oscar Wilde

Homeric Hymn To Pan


Sweet, Piercing Sweet Was the Music of Pan’s Pipe

by Walter Crane (1845-1915)

Illustration from the book “The Story of Greece” by Mary Macgregor.  Originally published 1914.