The Rite of Pan

Invocation by Dion Fortune

This invocation appears in the book ‘The Goat-Foot God’, written in 1936 by the notable occultist and author Dion Fortune.

Came the voice of Destiny,

Calling o’er the Ionian Sea,

‘The Great God Pan is dead, is dead.

Humbled is the horned head;

Shut the door that hath no key –

Waste the vales of Arcady.’

Shackled by the Iron Age,

Lost the woodland heritage,

Heavy goes the heart of man,

Parted from the light-foot Pan;

Wearily he wears the chain

Till the Goat-god comes again.

Half a man and half a beast,

Pan is greatest, Pan is least,

Pan is all, and all is Pan;

Look for him in every-man;

Goat-hoof swift and shaggy thigh –

Follow him to Arcady.

He shall wake the living dead –

Cloven hoof and hornèd head,

Human heart and human brain,

Pan the goat-god comes again!

Half a beast and half a man –

Pan is all, and all is Pan.

    Come, O Goat-god, come again!

            (From ‘The Rite of Pan’)


Roman mosaic of Pan

Currently in the Antakya Archaeological Museum, Turkey.